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Our Ministries

Our Aim


To maintain worship services that will reach the lost, and provide fellowship for the lonely, and through the avenues of edification, exaltation, comfort, with strength and inspiration for all.

To develop and provide such necessary ministries under the leadership and direction of the Holy Spirit which will advance the Kingdom of God, and equip the saints in the fulfillment of our purposes and objectives as the people of God making a mark in a person's life that can not be erased.



Women's Ministry

To promote encouragement, support, lifting one another up in prayer, and growing closer with each other in our daily lives.

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Brotherhood Ministry

Men dedicated to Christ and kingdom building by improving their quality of life through spiritual growth, servant leadership, and providing service throughout the church and community.

Music Ministry

To share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, encourage believers in their walk with God.

Piano Note
"Praise Him"
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